About Amy Hrnciar

As the Online Marketing Manager for The French Culinary Institute, Inc., Amy Hrnciar commands extensive experience in producing engaging content for e-mail, Internet, and print publications. For e-mail campaigns, Amy Hrnciar creates specially targeted segments designed for high efficacy, checks for cross-browser and client optimization and anti-spam practices, and conducts performance reporting and analysis. Amy Hrnciar manages four websites, authors content, and utilizes social networking to connect with prospective, existing, and former students. Also providing art direction and production management, Amy Hrnciar contributes to between 10 and 15 e-mail campaigns each month, oversees various divisions of the school website, and produces rapid-turnaround webpages featuring slideshows, videos, and other media content.

Prior to joining The French Culinary Institute, Inc., Amy Hrnciar served as an E-Marketing Editor for Allianz Global Investors LLC, where she produced content and supervised projects related to multiple websites and applications. She published Web content with HTML, CMS, and database systems; edited and uploaded video and audio files using both Macs and PCs; directed a subscription-based e-mail marketing program; and evaluated and reported on the progress of e-marketing campaigns and site traffic.

Amy Hrnciar joined Allianz Global Investors LLC after a stint with Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC, for which she operated as Marketing Coordinator. Her duties in this role included writing, editing, and proofreading print and Web copy, as well as forecasting expenses and allocating a budget of more than $400,000. She also developed and applied strategies for writers, clients, and agents and employed an online print-on-demand system for producing brochures.

A graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, Amy Hrnciar earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Striving to stay on the cutting edge of her field, she has continued to take courses such as Developing a Website, Writing for the Web, and SharePoint for Project Management at the Learning Tree New York Education Center in New York City. In her leisure time, Amy Hrnciar enjoys snowboarding, rollerblading, and fine wine and dining.


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